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Grid and climate planning

At Versant Power, we are aligning our mission and vision with Maine’s climate goals.

Versant envisions a future electric grid that operates reliably, enables a fully decarbonized energy supply and the deployment of significant beneficial electrification technologies, leverages cost-effective solutions, and does all this while maintaining affordability for our customers. We are committed to collaborating with the communities we serve and other stakeholders to enhance our infrastructure's resilience and improve our business operations.

As required by An Act Regarding Utility Accountability and Grid Planning for Maine’s Clean Energy Future, Versant Power has drafted a climate change resilience plan suggesting specific actions for addressing expected effects of climate change on the assets needed to transmit and distribute electricity to our customers.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission is establishing a process – as outlined in Docket No. 2023-00282 – for receiving input from interested parties. Versant Power also will be engaging with communities throughout our service territory to better understand your needs and areas of mutual interest.

Versant Power’s Climate Change Resilience Plan

Versant Power also has been engaged in efforts to identify priorities for and conduct integrated grid planning (Docket No. 2022-00322), a necessity driven by the high volume of distributed energy resources on the grid, Maine’s renewable energy goals, and movement toward further electrification of home heating and transportation.

As part of community engagement efforts, Versant Power also will be sharing information about grid planning with communities and interested stakeholders.

Versant Power’s grid planning priorities

Versant firmly believes it is only by engaging stakeholders and the public in thoughtful, data-driven, and long-term planning that Maine can achieve our state’s reliability and clean energy goals in a cost-effective way, and we understand we have a critical role to play in the process.

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