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Electric Vehicles

At Versant Power, we're continuing our commitment to environmental stewardship and technological advancement through support of electric vehicle technology. Electric vehicles have many benefits to both the user and ourenvironment.

Versant Power is expanding certain rates and has created new rates to offer savings for customers using electric vehicles, energy storage, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

As a result of An Act to Advance Energy Storage in Maine, the Maine Public Utilities Commission approved agreements on Sept. 27, 2022 to implement rates to encourage efficient adoption of electric vehicles, energy storage, heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

The new and/or expanded rates will encourage electricity use during periods of lower demand and aim to help customers save money.

We have announced the following rates as of November 2022:

Home Eco Rate – (Bangor Hydro District only)

  • This is available for electric vehicle charging and/or battery storage (battery storage devices enable energy from renewables, like solar and wind, to be stored and then released when customers need power most). This is a time of use rate.
  • This is the same as our residential service rate time-of-use, but adds electric vehicle charging and electric battery storage.
  • This will be available in the Maine Public District after the meter replacement project is complete.

Business Eco Rate – (Maine Public District and Bangor Hydro District)

  • This rate is for commercial Level 2 electric vehicle charging and battery storage. (Level 2 chargers are plugged into a 240V outlet which allows charging 3 to 7 times faster depending on the electric car and the charger. They usually have to be installed by an electrician.)
  • This is the same as the Maine Public District’s General Service.
  • This is the same as the Bangor Hydro District General Service w/ 25kW cap.
    • A 50 kW cap will be available in April 2023.

Additional rates will become available in April 2023 for electric vehicles and battery storage and feature separately metered EV charging and/or storage. Versant Power has also been undertaking an advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) project and additional rates will be available upon its completion.

To inquire about these rates, please contact Customer Service toll free at 1-855-363-7211 or local at 207-973-2000.

Electric Vehicles at Versant

The quiet, smooth operation, surprisingly quick acceleration, and increased digital connectivity make the driving experience incredibly enjoyable.

Electric vehicles have lower emissions than internal combustion engines running on gas or diesel, which can greatly reduce their environmental impact. Also, as almost all U.S. electricity is produced domestically, electric vehicles help alleviate our reliance on foreign petroleum by making us less vulnerable to price spikes and supply disruptions.


Our newest electric vehicle is a Chevy Bolt. On a full charge, this All-Battery Electric Vehicles has a 238-mile range. This impressive range means we can get to meetings throughout our service territory on a single charge.

Versant Power has helped sponsor EV charging stations within the communities we serve and helped fund the purchase of an EV to Northern Maine Community College’s Automotive Technology Program.

For more information about electric vehicles, such as rebates and charging infrastructure, visit www.efficiencymaine.com/ev/.

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Versant Power provides electric delivery service to two areas – the Bangor Hydro District and the Maine Public District.

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            The Maine Public District serves Aroostook County and a small piece of Penobscot County.

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